Firehorse Silk Scarves – the Epitome of Slow Luxury

The antithesis of fast fashion. Something we’re passionate about. 
Echoing the philosophy of iconic British designer and eco-fashion pioneer Vivienne Westwood, renown for her wise words ‘Buy less. Choose well. Make it Last’, we hope to do our bit to encourage a kinder fashion industry.  

‘Quality’ is something I have always been obsessed with. Be it hunting out the supremely talented designers we co-create with or the quality of silk we use. The time we spend researching silks with the perfect ‘handle’ and drape reminds me of the years I spent as a Brand Manager of a British fine paper company. Some of our papers were made of pure cotton fibre, others coated with the finest China clay, but ALL of an exquisite quality with an amazing feel. As marketeers we spent hours testing the ‘handle’ and quality of our papers before launching them onto the market. We went through a similar process in setting up Firehorse. All motivated by a passion to produce something exceptional. Why waste time delivering mediocracy? As my grandmother said, there is plenty of room at the top. What do you think?!

Finella, Founder, Firehorse