Slow Fashion at its very Finest

Featuring our large Spriggles pure silk scarf with luxury hand-rolled edges.

Firehorse is proud to be a sustainable and ethical brand that contributes towards the move away from fast fashion. Our scarves are made in UK to last a lifetime and beyond. In fact a sustainable ‘slow fashion’ approach has been at the very heart of our brand from the day go.

We use a number of techniques and have made a number of decisions that mean that our clients can be proud of the pieces they are investing in including opting for digital printing over screen printing for our silks and ensuring that our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Featuring our Flame pure silk pocket square with luxury hand-rolled edges.

Did you know that fast fashion is the second largest industry when it comes to pollution behind the oil industry? Since the materials of the clothes are cheap, consumers tend to throw them away after only a few uses in exchange for new clothing. Many chemicals that are used to make these cheap clothes end up in landfills and back in the environment after being discarded. Another problem with fast fashion clothing is that when washed or thrown away, tiny pieces of non-biodegradable materials end up our oceans. In addition to pollution, some fast fashion companies also exploit their overseas workers to maximize profits, especially young and underage women. 

Echoing the philosophy of iconic British designer and eco-fashion pioneer Vivienne Westwood, famous for her wise words ‘Buy Less. Choose well. Make it Last’, we hope to do our bit to encourage a kinder fashion industry.

Finella, Firehorse Founder