Ryder Cup Silk Scarf ‘Celebration of Italy’

100% pure silk. Hand-made in the UK. Ryder Cup 2023 Official Merchandise.


Ryder Cup 2023 Silk Scarf ‘Celebration of Italy’ showcases iconic imagery associated with Italy and Rome including the Vatican, the Sistine chapel (the shapes that make up the base of the composition are also taken from the ceiling of the Chapel), the Colosseum, the Rialto bridge, a gondola, a Venetian mask, white lilies (the national flower of Italy), pasta (the wavy lines are spaghetti), olive branches, vine tomatoes and lemons. The central circle is inspired by geometric Italian tiles and also represents the Italian sunshine!

65cm x 65 cm
100% silk twill
Luxury finishing with hand-stitched rolled edges
Hand-made in England
Presented in a Ryder Cup luxury gift box

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The Inspiration behind the Design

In the words of our designer: “Italy is a country rich with cultural heritage so I knew it would be difficult to select which Italian icons to include in the design. During my research I was on the lookout for interesting shapes that would translate into beautiful textiles. I found a lot of inspiration in Italian architecture for the composition of the design; the swooping arches and layout of the Sistine Chapel ceiling and beautiful geometric tiles formed the base of the pattern, and everything was built up from there.

As a textile designer the focus is always on creating pieces that are wearable; scarves are folded and layered so the design has to work when seen in different pieces as well as when viewed flat. The architectural shapes help ground the design, while the smaller, curvier icons like the pasta and olive branches feel like they’re dancing across the fabric and help bring a sense of movement and life. The word ‘celebration’ was always at the front of my mind!”

A Sophisticated Colour Palette

Colour is key in this design, we wanted everything to feel like it was drenched in Italian sunshine. Warm orange tones provide a beautiful contrast to the rich sapphire blue and soft grey tones with a vibrant atoll blue injecting a splash of energy.

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Firehorse scarves are designed and made in England where we have a silk weaving and printing heritage spanning four centuries. Our pure silk scarves feature luxurious rolled edges which are hand stitched by our artisan partners to give the scarves a beautiful drape and elegant structure. Producing a Firehorse accessory is a work of art, British artisan craftsmanship at its very finest.

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