‘Celebration of Andalucía’ Silk Scarf

100% pure silk. Hand-made in the UK. Solheim Cup 2023 Official Merchandise.


Our ‘Celebration of Andalucía’ design showcases a myriad of imagery typically associated with this beautiful region, including southern Spanish architecture, flamenco culture, local Spanish gastronomy (including Jerez, fruits, spices and fish), native Andalucían wildflowers, the southern coast and of course the magnificent golfing heritage of Andalucía.

65cm x 65 cm
100% silk twill
Luxury finishing with hand-stitched rolled edges
Hand-made in England
Presented in a Solheim Cup luxury gift box

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The Inspiration behind the Design

‘Celebration of Andalucía’ is a treasure trove of delights, just like the region that inspired it. The design showcases a myriad of imagery typically associated with the area, including the Mezquita Mosque, the Ronda bridge, a white- washed village, flamenco culture (Spanish fan and guitar) and a dove providing a subtle nod to Picasso’s world- famous art.

Looking closely, you will see the gastronomy of the region reflected in Spanish Jerez, fruits, spices and fish with fine illustrations of oranges, almonds, olives, cumin, pomegranate, quince, nutmeg and saffron, also mackerel, prawns, lobster and grouper fish. Native Andalucían wildflowers, including winter clematis, wild tulips, periwinkles, scented jonquils, wild gladioli and giant orchids are also woven throughout the design and the muted blue waves allude to Andalucía’s beautiful coasts, bathed by both the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans.

Finally, there is of course a reference to the golfing heritage of Andalucía, the most visited golf destination in Europe!

A Sun Baked Colour Palette

The ‘sun-baked’ colour palette is soft and understated, echoing the built and natural landscape. Warm neutrals, peaches and red clay tones are fused with Artisan’s Gold and orange highlights, soothing hints of lavender, blue and muted greens. We wanted the design to have a feeling of warmth and these colours inspire you to lean in and immerse yourself in the Spanish sunshine!

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Firehorse scarves are designed and made in England where we have a silk weaving and printing heritage spanning four centuries. Our pure silk scarves feature luxurious rolled edges which are hand stitched by our artisan partners to give the scarves a beautiful drape and elegant structure. Producing a Firehorse accessory is a work of art, British artisan craftsmanship at its very finest.

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