Firehorse Bespoke Scarves for Brindleyplace

Brindleyplace enlists the Creative Expertise of Firehorse and Brumhaus to Launch a Bespoke Collection

We are excited to have collaborated once again with talented Birmingham artist Alex Edwards of Brumhaus whose work is inspired by architecture and modernist art. Brindleyplace, a canalside development in Birmingham, commissioned Firehorse to create a collection of silk scarves to be worn by their front of house team. Other luxurious accessories, such as hair ties and notebooks, will also be sold at Ikon Gallery and Ethos Flowers on the estate in the future.

Brindleyplace design by Brumhaus for Firehorse bespoke silk scarves

Capturing the Cityscape

We commissioned Alex to develop a unique piece of artwork, inspired by our client’s building assets and location. Many of his pieces incorporate patterns into beautiful abstract skylines of cities in the UK. Alex’s approach typically begins with a word map of the principal and most important buildings and features associated with an area. Following a simple survey amongst local office workers and restaurant staff, the words ‘fountains’, ‘canals’, ‘cherry blossoms’, ‘Ikon’, ‘clock tower’ and ‘bandstand’ came to mind when Brindleyplace was mentioned. Alex then populated his map and began the creative process.

Alex set about drawing basic sketches of the estate’s main buildings, identifying the different geometric shapes and then rearranging them to make a visually pleasing composition. Once the team was happy with this, he then filled in the shapes with the bright Brindley brand palette colours to give it a bold-looking, graphic finish.

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Brindleyplace design by Brumhaus for Firehorse bespoke silk scarves

Commissioning a Bespoke Firehorse Piece

Whether a bespoke silk scarf / tie / pocket square, scarf ring, hand-bound notebook or other luxury accessory, this is how it works …

We start by exploring how Firehorse can add value to your company / project / client experience. We then consult with our designers and makers to develop a proposal and, once approved, we can then initiate the exciting development process. This will typically start with some concept drawings which will be fine-tuned and developed into full-colour artwork to apply to Firehorse products of your choice, all sustainably made and hand-finished in England.