Creating our Fine Accessories

Creating a Firehorse product is akin to creating a work of art. Firehorse is all about creative excellence and collaboration. Discovering and working with the brilliant artists, designers, photographers and makers who together make up our creative team for each Collection.



We work with exceptional artists and designers.

Firehorse accessories showcase the talent of British designers, each of whom have been chosen for their fresh approach to design and high level of originality. The result is a series of collections that are sophisticated and universal, whilst also managing to be modern yet timeless.

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Making & Materials

Our Silk Collections

Firehorse Luxe Collection scarves are made from a fine silk satin. Satin has been treasured for centuries for its delicate sheen and sensuous draping quality. ‘Satin’ takes its name from Zayton, a port city in China, where it originated in the 12th century. Silk satin rapidly became the favoured fabric of European royalty who prized its exquisite lustre.

Our silk is still sourced from and woven in the traditional silk-producing villages of China where generations of farming families plant and nurture mulberry trees to produce the finest silk cocoons, and in turn, the finest silk thread.


Printing & Finishing

Firehorse scarves are hand-made in Macclesfield which has a silk heritage spanning four centuries. Local limestone infused waters are used to gently wash the silk, enhancing its beautiful lustre. Our designs are then printed onto the fabric before careful finishing by a team of artisans.

For our luxury silk collections, the edges of the scarves are softly rolled and finally hundreds of fine stitches are applied by hand. Finishing the scarves this way is a true work of art with the luxurious roll providing your Firehorse scarf with subtle, elegant structure and drape.

Solena luxury silk scarf

Caring For Your Silk Scarf

Your Firehorse scarf should give you many years of pleasure. But as with all luxury garments, a little care and attention will help keep it looking and feeling its best.

Cleaning Your Scarf

To keep your exquisite Firehorse scarf in tip top condition, try to keep it free of dust, direct sunlight and perfume (always spray before wearing).

We always recommend dry cleaning to protect your scarf.

Should you choose to hand-wash your scarf, here a few tips. Add a dash of mild silk detergent to a very clean sink of tepid water and delicately swirl your scarf for 3 to 4 minutes. Remove the scarf, drain the sink and refill with fresh water. Dip and swish the scarf to rinse and then repeat once more with fresh water.

Remove the scarf from the water and do not wring! Place gently on a soft clean towel and roll before pressing lightly with your hands. Unroll and place the damp scarf to dry on a fresh towel, either flat or hanging over a rail, away from direct sunlight. When still a little damp, using a supremely clean iron and board, press under a thin clean cotton cloth using a low-medium steam setting, avoiding the rolled hem. Alternatively you can smooth the silk with a hand steamer. Now beautifully restored, hang your Firehorse scarf for a final cooling and gentle air-dry.

Storing Your Scarf

Store your Firehorse scarf in a clean, dry and airy space, away from sunlight and dust. To avoid creases, we recommend folding and laying flat. You can place your scarf back in the Firehorse gift box but remember to remove the lid to allow the natural silk fibres to ‘breathe.’