Celebrate your 12th Wedding Anniversary with a Firehorse Luxury Silk Scarf

Firehorse Dreamscape Scarf (large)

The tradition of giving themed wedding anniversary gifts by year dates all the way back to the Middle Ages when husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath on their 25th anniversary and a gold wreath on the 50th. Given the expense of these precious metals, it is likely this tradition was only honoured among the wealthy. This symbolic tradition continues today with the 25th anniversary being known as the ‘silver anniversary’ and the 50th anniversary as the ‘golden anniversary’. By the Victorian era giving gifts for each year of marriage became particularly popular and by the 20th century, it was common for couples to celebrate their milestone anniversaries with themed symbolic gifts. Silk and linen are the traditional anniversary gift for the 12th year of marriage. Some say linen is associated with truth and purity and silk with strength and elegance.

Whilst fine and delicate, silk is truly the queen of textiles. With its natural temperature control properties, silk is luxuriously light, soft and breathable in summer, yet keeps you warm, snug and stylish in the cooler months. So why not cocoon someone you love on your 12th anniversary in the soft and sensuous luxury of a Firehorse pure silk scarf!

To add to the Celebration, enjoy a Complimentary Bottle of England’s Finest Canterbury Rose Sparkling Rosé!

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